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New Terms and Conditions for Small Works

We will always endeavor to provide the best possible service to our customers, but in the difficult economic times that we find ourselves in it has become unfeasible for us to provide free site visits and quotations for works that amount to 75.00 (Seventy Five Pounds) or less. 

We will always provide our customers with a written and signed contract so that they are fully aware of the costs that they will incur before any work has been done.

As our tradesmen carry a comprehensive range of materials and fixings we have found that most jobs of this size can be completed in one visit, therefore it has become unviable to send a qualified tradesman to view the work, provide a quotation and then return to your home to complete the work. The labour time involved in this process makes what should be a relatively inexpensive job extremely expensive and is not cost efficient. We do not want to pass this extra cost onto our customers so we have had to find an alternative solution.

Customers that wish to instruct us to undertake works of this value or less will be subject to a call-out fee of 15.00 (Fifteen Pounds). This will cover the cost of the call-out and will included one hour of labour time. The tradesman that will attend your home will discuss the job with you and any extra fee's incurred will then be as follows:






Once the work that is to be undertaken has been agreed, the tradesmen will issue you with a written contract that contains details of both what work will be done and all the costs that will be incurred. This is to be signed by both parties. 

At no point will we issue a bill for more than what has been agreed and signed for. It the job requires more time or more materials the customer will always be advised before any extra charge is added to the bill. If we specify on the contract that we are to undertake a specific job and have allowed 2 hours for this to be done, we will only charge for 2 hours even if the actual time taken to complete the job exceeds this. 

Please note that once this document has been signed and the tradesman has commenced work you will forfeit any rights to cancel the contract within the 'The cancellation of contracts made in a Consumers Home or Place of Work Regulation Act 2008'. This is relating to the 7 day cooling off period introduced for consumers that wish to cancel a contract that they have entered into. This scheme was introduced to protect vulnerable people who felt that they had been pressured by door-step salesmen into committing to a contract.

More information can be found on the trading standards and consumer advice website:



Works that exceed 75.00 (Seventy Five Pounds) or more will not be subjected to any call-out fee's, if initial contact is made on a call-out basis, and the contract then exceed the 75.00 (Seventy Five Pounds) limit, the call-out fee will be refunded.

We are happy to discuss any job with you, if you are unsure whether the work you require will be subject to a call-out fee or for any other information you may require regarding our terms and conditions please click here or click on contact us at the bottom of the page to get in touch, we are happy to help with any enquiry that you may have. 

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